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Internal Seo On Page Seo
Internal SEO, which is called “On Page Seo,” which means SEO within the page or inside the article or within your site in general, is one of the most important and strongest factors in improving the results of your site in the search engines, the more you improve the internal SEO of your site Search engines, of course if you meet with other factors that will be mentioned later.
[Image: page_seo.png]
Elements of internal seo
The internal SEO elements that are present in the article, are the title of the article Title, article link Link, article description Description, article content Content, tags or keywords within the article Keywords, and these are not all elements, and we must improve all the elements mentioned before to get A professional internal SEO that is fully compatible with SEO and search engines, and we will elaborate in a separate article to explain how to configure the internal SEO of the article in a professional manner and fully compatible with search engines, and we will address, God willing, for each individual element, and in this way we have finished the first factor that helps us In access High results in the search engines.

Of course, there are internal SEO elements that are not specialized in the articles, but the site as a whole, such as the design of the site, the speed of browsing the site, and the compatibility of the pages of the site for display on mobile, and other elements that we will elaborate in separate articles in each niche.

Distinctive and useful content for the visitor
The most important factors SEO
It is known to us now that what matters search engines, especially Google is the visitor, if you do all the factors that have already been explained and you do not have a distinctive content renewed and exclusive and useful to the visitor, how do you want to top the search engines, recently search engines, especially Google, many developments in The bots and their spiders that are now smarter and have a great understanding of the content of the site and what was written content compatible with the site or not, and also is the article useful to the visitor or not by the duration of the visitor stay within the article and also by the rate of bounce when the visitor enters your site Or your article then come out of it Quickly, this affects your site negatively because when you repeat this matter Google understands that your article is not useful to the visitor and that your low-quality content, which reduces the results of your site in the search engine, you must basically provide a renewed and useful content and exclusive to the visitor to gain the confidence of Google, This will raise the results of your site in the search engines and your site becomes high and you see it appears in the first pages of the keywords targeted in your articles and this is the success that the owners of the sites and blogs on the Internet, we will show in our next articles how to create exclusive content compatible with search engines so Ts Biddable to top your articles in a matter of days, God willing, Fattabona.

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